Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Two person groups...

What is expected for the second dynamic web pages, HTML, Flash, and business plan:

The first project was done about a car dealership. These projects will be for scooter stores, Pac Sun, a watch store, a video game store, a flower shop, and a web hosting company.

First you must have three HTML pages minimum. You may choose a template online but you must customize it for your own business. Honestly the simplicity of doing it without a template is quite appealing to me.

The database needs two tables (Inventory and Employee) with at least 5 pieces of information in each.

Now on to the dynamic aspect of your web pages! You need a link to show ALL the Inventory table and ALL of the Employee table much like the previous assignment with Braman Motors. Additionally now you need a dynamic drop-down box with the name of the Employee or the item in inventory. This way users can quickly find out information about the item specifically without having to wade through superfluous data! Also there needs to be a way to add new records into the table, a way to update data, and a way to delete unnecessary information.

A new addition is that you need to add javascript that will add to the functionality of your page. There is a great deal of code out there which is freely available! Google is your friend!

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