Monday, May 14, 2007

Final exam review

It's important to be able to summarize difficult text. Wikipedia is an important site: probably more important for computers than for history. I've imagined there should be different wikipedias for different levels of reading ability and intelligence but that's probably an elitist consideration unworthy for the public schools. Nevertheless, for those of you who are still reading on, try reading the following text on wikipedia and summarizing it in your own words. Following that are some questions taken directly from the final.

1. -what is ethernet? ...especially:
Dealing with multiple users

CSMA/CD shared medium Ethernet
2. know this!
3. Summarize what a web server is:
4. What is the difference between:
Static vs. Dynamic content for websites.
5. Summarize the following:
6. Summarize the following: know them all!
7. Review the sql statements on
8. What does do when entered into a browser?
9. What happens if you press the Control key and T at the same time while using Firefox 2.0?
10. What does the Control key + Z do?
11. Why would someone ping a remote server?
12. What is the Google Page Rank Algorithm? (be detailed!)
13. What is an algorithm?
14. How do PHP and MySQL work together?

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