Monday, May 07, 2007

6 grade Assignment due Monday, May 14th

This is a retrospective assignment looking back at the work done this year.

First you will create a logo for "Introduction to Computers, Miami Killian Room 319" and create an HTML page with a brief introduction about yourself. Also on this page will links to the following pages (each page will be named the topic PLUS .html). On each page include at least one picture.

Javascript (named Javascript.html) :

* What is it used for?
* How would one design a "Rock, Paper, Scissor" game?
* Put two examples of Javascript code inside this page and explain what the code does.


* Pick two modules you worked on this year (see me if you sad if that's the case).
* Write a summary of what the modules taught.
* What was the best thing about the modules in general?


* What is a server?
* How does the Internet work?
* What is the TCP/IP model?
* What is ethernet?
* What is 802.11n?


* Why would someone need PHP?
* What is MySQL used for?
* Give a summary of Did you enjoy the course?
* Link to three pages using PHP. Bonus if you made the pages!


* Upload your favorite two Flashes created this year and upload them to a remote server.
* Embed the two Flashes inside an HTML document (Flash.html).


* Link to your Google Sketch Up work.
* What do you think of Google Sketch Up?
* Did actually designing products and houses using Google Sketch Up give you a better feel for how designers work?
* What is Blender? Are there any other open source 3-d design products out there?

Your passwords for the class server are here.


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