Wednesday, May 23, 2007

30 points of your final exam!
Essay question for PHP-MySQL group (10 points) 5 paragraphs.:

  • You have been hired by a prominent young businessman to design a dynamic website, specifically a dating website. He wants users to be able to create profiles, upload pictures, play games, and write messages on a forum. How will you store the information? How will you display the information? How will you create the game? Obviously you aren't coding anything here, you are just describing technologies and how they relate in a coherent whole. Discuss how the technologies will interact with each other. Pretend you are writing for a nearly computer illiterate individual.

Essay question for the Module Crew (10 points) 5 paragraphs:

  • You have been hired by the Module Company to design their newest Programming module. How will you improve it? What will you add? What will you remove? Will you offer games? Tests? How will students be graded? Be creative and design an amazing module.

Essay question for all (10 points):

  • This essay will be comparing open source software with the dominant operating system Microsoft Windows in the desktop market and the server market. First give a definition of open source software and proprietary software. Next compare the desktop market. Do any Linux distributions offer an advantage in the desktop market? Why is Microsoft the clear winner?

    Finally compare the server market. Give statistics as to which OS is dominant and explain why.
Second essay question for all (there are three essays in total, 10 points):

In today's world it is important to specialize. Pick one area of information technology from something discussed in class and discuss how it could translated into a career. Find jobs available in that area on or a similar job hunting website. Explain why you are interested in this particular field.

Answer must be posted on blog or Google Documents by 2:30pm on day of final May 29th for Second Period and May 24th for 5th period.

Head your Google Document or blog with the following:


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