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From the NYT.com:

That might help explain a shift in what college freshmen described as their primary personal objectives. In 1970, 79 percent said their goal was developing a meaningful philosophy of life. By 2005, 75 percent said their primary objective was to be financially very well off.

Midterm Review Sheet

IT 2020 Midterm REVIEW. 2006-2007:

Know the following terms:

  1. Sole proprietorship
  2. Corporation
  3. Marketing
  4. Accounting
  5. Finance
  6. Profit
  7. Stocks
  8. HTML
  9. Vacuum tubes
  10. Network


  1. How do you write out 9 in binary?
  2. What is the binary number 1111 in decimal notation?
  3. What is the binary number 1010 in decimal notation?
  4. What is the decimal number 13 in binary?


  1. How do you start a formula with Excel?
  2. How do you multiply with Excel?
  3. How do you divide with Excel?


  1. True/False: A database can have more than one table.
  2. True/False: Access uses relational databases.
  3. True/False: Databases must be created by a professional database designer.
  4. What is Excel?
  5. What does Word do?
  6. What does Access do?
  7. What does PowerPoint do?
  8. What is open source software?
  9. Know the following: Windows, Linux, Mac OS X.
  10. What is PHP?
  11. What is SQL?
  12. With HTML, what tag is used to create a link?
  13. What tag is used to write the title of the web page?
  14. How do you embed Javascript into HTML?
  15. HTML has the ability to write loops?

33. What is the correct HTML tag for inserting a line break?

34. What is the correct HTML for adding a background color?

35. What is the correct HTML for inserting an image?

  1. What is a packet?
  2. For what is a router used?


  1. What does “cd” do? A.) Creates directory B.) Change dimension C.) Change directory D.) Create dimension.
  2. What does “mkdir” do? A.) Mark direct B.) Market direct C.) Make direct D.) Make directory.


  1. The acronym CD-ROM stands for
  2. The acronym LCD stands for
  3. The acronym IP, in relation to networking, stands for
  4. The acronym WWW stands for

Programming with Javascript. Assume all code is properly embedded in HTML and has the Javascript tags:

  1. What does the following code do?
    var x = 7
    var y = 8
    if(x > y)
    Alert(“I love this!”)
    Alert(“I hate this!”)

  2. What does the following code do?
    for(var I = 0; I < 5; I=I+1)

  3. What does the following code do?
    for(var I = -5; I <= 5; I=I+1)

  4. What does the following code do?
    for(var z=5; z<10)

  5. What does the following code do?
    var z = 9
    while(z >0)

  6. What does the following code do?
    var x = 4
    var z = 2
    if(x%z == 0)
    document.write(“It divides!”)
    document.write(“It don’t divide!”)

  7. What does the following function do?
    function x( ex)
    if(ex > 4)
    document.write(“Oh boy!”)
    if(xe > 3)
    document.write(“Oh girl!”)

  8. What does the following code do?
    function z()
    alert(This function is done!)

  9. How many times will “Hey” appear.
    var z = -1
    var m = 2
    A.) 2 B.) 1 C.) 0 D.) Incorrect code; will freeze browser.

  10. What does the following code do?
    var x = 2
    var y =3
    if(x>1 && y < 3)
    A.) x B.) 3 C.) 2 D.) None of the above.

  11. What does the following code do if the user enters “Bill”?

prompt x = “Enter your name”
if(x = = “George”)
alert(“Your name is George!”)
alert(“Your name isn’t George!”)

  1. What does the following code do?
    var x = 3
    var y =7
    if(x+2 <> y)
    else if(x – 2 > y || y> x)
    alert(“What happened?”)

  2. How many times will the following code print “WOW”?
    for(var i = 0; i < 10; i++)
    for(var x = 0; x < 3; x++)

  3. What does “parseInt()” do?

  1. Which line contains the error?
    1. variable visitorName = window.prompt( "What is your 2. name?", "" );
    3. var proceed = window.confirm( "Are you ready to go 4. further
    5. with JavaScript " + visitorName + "?");
    6. if ( proceed == true )
    7. {
    8. window.alert ("That's great " + visitorName);
    9. }

  2. Which of the following would access the third element of an array Computer_Parts?
    A.) Computer_Parts[1] B.) Computer_Parts[2] C.) Computer_Parts[3] D.) Computer_Parts3

  3. What does the following code output?
    var z > 39
    var x = 2
    if(z > 2)

  4. What is the output?
    var name_Array = new Array(5)
    name_Array[0] = “Joe”
    name_Array[1] = “Bill”
    name_Array[2] = “Sam”
    name_Array[3] = “Ana”
    name_Array[4] = “William”

  5. What is the difference between a for loop and a while loop?
  6. What is the difference between an if statement and a for loop?

  7. var x = 10
    if(x % 2 == 0)
    x = x-1
    What is the output?

  8. What can ‘prompt’ do in Javascript?

  1. var x = 2
    var y = x * x
    var z = y /x
    if(z = = x)
    What is printed? A.) 1 B.) 2 C.) 3 D.) 4

  2. What does the following code do?
    var x = 3
    vay r = 2

  3. What does the following code do if the variable x has a value of 25?
    while(x > 0)

if(x = = 10)
document.write(“This is bad”)
if(x= = 15)
document.write(“This is bad”)
x = x – 5;

68. What does the following function do:

function blackjacktester(total)
if(total > 21)
total = prompt(“Do you want to hit?”)
return total
return total
A.) Will not work. B.) Will check the total to see if it is less than 21. C.) Will check the total to see if it is less than 21 and if the user wants to hit it will add the new card to the total. D.) Gives the user a random number and adds it to the total.

  1. Why do we use brackets when programming Javascript?

70. What does the following code do:
var z=9
if(z != 9)

A.) Will not work B.) Will print 8 C.) Will print 9 D.) Will print 17.

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Three current events

Leave a comment here about your three technology article summaries if you didn't before.

Highest grade possible is a B.

Also leave your comment about Wikipedia here if you didn't do so. Here are the three questions:

1.) Who writes Wikipedia?

2.) How much does bias hurt wikipedia?

3.) Do you think Wikipedia is better for research than Google? Why or why not?

Before next Thursday!

Here is an extra credit opportunity.

ONLY USE THE FOLLOWING DISTROS IF YOU CAN INSTALL THE LINUX ON THE COMPUTER: You may download Ubuntu, Gentoo, Fedora, or Debian linux distribution and burn it to a CD. You will need a high speed connection for the download. Dial up is just too slow!



You need to keep a journal of the installation process.

Evaluate OpenOffice.org and write down your thoughts about five applications.

Compose your thoughts and print them out (minimum 400 words). Due next Thursday in class printed.

Three extra credit As!

Look at the flash animation...

A peaceful city gets a violent surprise!

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Look at the shirt I made

We could all buy it...it would be funny to walk around Killian with them on...:)

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Want to feel better?

Maybe you need to think faster. I'm never depressed, what does that say about how I think? :)

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Midterm Essay

Midterm Essay
350 word answer (a little less than a page typed).

How do you think computers will most change life in the next decade?

As there is no knowable answer, I want creative and thoughtful answers. There can be no copying and pasting on an assignment such as this.

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Great website for use with Javascript

This will make a lot of our programs easier!

The article about programming

Here is the article we started in class.
A three paragraph essay about your idea for a film to show 8th grade students considering taking this technology class. Write on your blog and leave your comment here.