Thursday, February 22, 2007

Here's an example

This is the type of review you are going to write.

Send Tab URLs:
To access a user goes to "File" and "Send Tab URLS". Users have a choice between Plain List, Numbered, or Bulleted.

The problem is that I DON'T use Microsoft Outlook. I prefer to keep a GMail tab open. So far, I can not find a way to change programs.

All in all, I won't be using this extension.


Instead of sending a note using StumbleUpon everyone will write a blog post by Sunday with your reviews of 5 extensions. You may review StumbleUpon as an example. Also if you need to install Firefox at home, go here.

Due before Monday. Two grades.


~*~SaRiTa~*~ said...


alexomir said...

im done. i did the info thing but i cannot download mr.freer.

JeanPaul said...



ThugzMansion said...

i did it

kalpesh said...



fourwheeler said...

i cant access my blog account

Pantzer_legion said...

I am jorge bartra

i finished on saturday, im just putting it here in case......

Yogan said...

i did it already

_Kira02_ said...

I did it!
Mr.Freer did I ever add u to Stumbleupon?

fourwheeler said...

im done