Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Due Friday

Use the Internet to search unless a URL is given.
Two grades. Each question is five points.

  1. What is Moore's Law? How long will it continue? (Answer with less than three sentences.)
  2. How did a slower hard disk affect the CPU's processing?
  3. (Same web site) What is a "north bridge chip"?
  4. (Go to the next web page; #2) What is the clock for inside the CPU?
  5. (Same page) What is the problem with the wires inside a motherboard?
  6. (Next page) What is clock multiplication?
  7. (Next page) I found this page a bit boring. Did you find it interesting?
  8. (Next page) How many bytes is 12 KB? Do the math.

  9. How is RAM different from SAM?
  10. (Same page) What does the CPU do for the RAM?
  11. (Same page) Play the animation with the CAS and the RAS. What does all that mean?
  12. (Next page) If memory has 8x32 written on the package, what does that mean?
  13. (Next page: ) Why is RAM so reliable?
  14. (Next page) How much memory do YOU need? Give a number and justify it based on WHAT YOU DO with your computer.
  15. (Next page) Memory is sold in multiples of what number?

  16. Do you like the site so far?
  17. (Next page) What is a "hard platter" used for?
  18. What is one thing you learned on this page?
  19. (Next page) How fast do typical hard drives spin?
  20. Define sector, track, and cluster.

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