Thursday, February 15, 2007

Due before Sunday February 2007 at 8 pm

You are to answer all the questions and type them using the word processor at

Add me as a collaborator.

Networking 101.
Put the answers in your words. If you use someone else's arrangement of words, you need QUOTATION MARKS.

You will have a test on these terms and concepts on Tuesday, February 20th 2007.

Answer the following questions, (search online if no URL is given):

  1. How many IP addresses can IPv6 handle?
  2. What is a computer network?
  3. Remember traceroute? Check out this cool implementation of it here: and search for any web site you choose. Write a brief review of this Java applet.
  4. On the home side of things, click here: Define 'technophile'.
  5. Still at, what does a router do?
  6. Consider the question of 'piggy-backingo' off a neighbor's wireless router. Is it the wrong thing to do?
  7. Follow the link about 'Phone Line Networking' and summarize how it works in five sentences!
  8. What is 802.11n all about?
  9. Summarize three other articles at
  10. Define 'bandwidth'.
  11. Do you think this is cool? Would you ever do such a project?
  12. What is DNS?
  13. What is SSL? What is it used for?
  14. Where can someone get SSL certifications?
  15. Check out some of these interesting programs on your own.
  16. What is a VPN? What is it used for?
  17. Why did he want to own a server?
  18. What is an application server used for?
  19. What is a print server?
  20. What is the difference between an Intranet and Internet?
  21. Go to and read through 'Classification of Computer Networks'. You'll learn all this stuff.

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