Thursday, August 24, 2006

Questions on page 32-33

1. What fractional part of a second is a microsecond? A nanosecond?

2. Why are computers considered to be extremely accurate devices?

3. What factors have contributed to the modern computer's increased durability and reliability?

4. What is a general purpose computer?

5. Why are modern computers considered (for the most part) to be cost-effective devices?

6. How have computers participated in their own development?

7. Why should data be verified both before and after being entered into the computer?

8. Identify the basic functions of the information-processing cycle.

9. What are the most important characteristics of computer-generated output?

10. Explain the difference between computer hardware and computer software.

11. Explain the difference between an input device, a processor, a storage device, and an output device.

12. Explain the difference between a system program and an application program.

13. Briefly explain how a computer system works.

14. Describe the differences between a microcomputer, a minicomputer, a mainframe computer, and a special-purpose computer.

15. Describe the differences between a personal computer and a portable computer.

16. Identify at least three uses of special-purpose computers.

17. What is an information utility service?

18. Describe how computers can provide better service for bank customers.

19. How may computers be used in the home?

20. What are some ways the computer is used in dealing with the weather and environment?

21. How have computers affected transportation?

22. How have computers contributed to improved community services?

23. Describe ways in which computers improve medical and health care as well as the quality of life for those who are ill or disabled.

24. What are the advantages to humans of having computers perform routine and dangerous tasks?

25. Identify at least six uses of computers (other than those given in the text) in our society or everyday living.


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