Sunday, August 13, 2006

IT 2020


First of all I'm excited about this course. IT is the cutting edge of technology.

The best way to learn is to stay current using reputable sources online. Textbooks may provide general knowledge, but for sheer speed they can not match the web obviously.

What sites am I referring to? First of all, provides a great message board for discussing current events in IT. The nytimes is another great site.

Here is a site that has many good free articles but many require login: Then there is the great aggregator of news:

Commenting on current events on your own blog (go to and make one now. Write down the password and username- don't show anyone.) will be an important part of this class.

Next we are going to start with the basics of computer science. No, we are not going to focus on merely ONE language. My aim is to give you the framework to handle ANY language and ANY problem.

Let's start with the problem:

You will define the problem using pseudocode.

Let's pretend the first program is to make a sandwich.

What will you need first? What will you need to do?

Discussion followed by blog post.

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