Monday, November 27, 2006

SWBAT: design a "dating program." Divide the male names into A-F, G-K, L-Q, R-z (or any way you want) and divide the female names the same way. Obviously the real world is more complicated than this but we are doing a javascript based on nothing really. (If people take it seriously they really need some confidence.)

So after coming up with the 'compatible' partner for the person who entered the name, return both names in a prompt and whether they are compatible. You can add other variables.

Project due Friday at the beginning of class.

Here is the grading procedure:

Prompts 20 pts.
Comparison of two names 60 pts.
Output 20 pts.
Extra A in the gradebook for every variable you bring into the equation! This is a great opportunity for extra credit!

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Anonymous said...

Mrfreer umm its luis from your 6 period i wanted to know if you were going to post the study guide for the test tomorw ok well thank you let me know